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IC|HD Basic

Time-lapse & Live Streaming - No Panoramic Images
$299/mo (Starting at - Call (866) 883-8717)


Time-lapse, Panoramic Images, & Live Streaming
$399/mo (Starting at - Call (866) 883-8717)


Choose Your Cellular Provider: Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint
$99/mo (Starting at - Call (866) 883-8717)
When Jobsite security and timelapse video is needed Count on US relay Live Camera services to be there!

Stream live images and live video of your jobsite and access them anywhere, anytime. With US Relay, logging in from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device to see how things are progressing on your jobsite has never been easier. Our HD and 4K cameras capture crystal clear images of your jobsite in an easy to use web based application. Live video is also accessible from the same application creating a “one stop shop” to find all your jobsite image and video content.

Included ground breaking features for your groundbreaking projects.

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Live Streaming
Live streaming allows you to view your site in real-time from anywhere with Internet connection. You can also embed your live feed on any public website and make it visible for anyone. Read More

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Interactive Images
Interactive images in high resolution. You can pan, tilt, and zoom from any control center or web browser via our easy-to-use interface. From the control center, view live footage or download custom Instant Rewind or Fast Forward Playback video clips. Read More

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Fast Forward Playback
Once complete, video can be sped up to create a fast motion review of the entire process, from beginning to end, in just a few seconds. Read More

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Instant Rewind
Rewind footage is available for instant playback going back as far as five years depending on your US Relay plan option. All footage is stored remotely in our secure off-site data centers. Read More

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Panoramic Auto Capture
Set your US Relay camera to take panoramic ultra HD images at every 30 minute, 1 hour, 5 hour, 12 hour or 24 hour interval. Each image can be downloaded as a 9440×1920 JPG photo. Read More

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Security Monitoring
Our Edge/Cloud Recording camera solutions continuously record through each and every step of a long-term construction project. Video can be used to review what happened at the work site at any given moment. Read More

us relay jobsite management from any device ichd plus

Jobsite Management From Any Device

With US Relay, your jobsite is always accessible 24/7. You can view your project live in real-time. Remotely check in on deliveries, subcontractors, weather conditions, safety, security, and more. Give team members and even clients limited or total camera access so everyone can stay up-to-date on the progression of your project. Share images socially or via email with built in messaging features.

These options only scratch the surface of what US Relay can offer you. We provide the feature-rich tools – you decided which ones to use.

Any Screen Size from Anywhere

The US Relay web based application works just like any other website. Log in from anywhere using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with NO need to install any 3rd party software.

Sharing Made Easy

Easily download or share photo updates all from the live camera interface. No need to worry about saving all images as everything is stored remotely on our servers. Download one or download them all – It’s up to you on what images you need at any given time.

3G/4G LTE Optional

All US Relay construction cameras come with the optional 3G/4G LTE modems. This saves you time and energy when trying to get you camera to connect with an internet connection. Simply add power and system we built for you takes care of the rest. With the nation’s most reliable 3G/4G LTE service have more remote connectivity than ever before. 4G LTE enables media delivery from your camera up to 10x’s faster than 3G. It also makes our systems a “plug-n-play” ready to install just add power system and you’re good to go.

Fast Forward Playback for Quick Viewing or Time-Lapse “Like” Playback Experience

Video Based Fast Forward Playback:From 30x up to 1,000x Playback Speeds. US Relay’s hosted camera solutions create a unique social content experience that allows you to deliver new options for Live, Edited Clips, Re-wind or Fast Forward Playback inside your Facebook, Twitter and other outlets.

With US Relay, you’re audience will get the Best Live Streaming Player Experience from your new live streaming camera.

Your audience gets the best live camera streaming experience that’s both engaging and interesting drawing the audience in for more. With new Fast Forward Playback the audience can see last night’s sunset in a matter of seconds and not minutes. Or they can watch a storm pass by a beach camera at the new breath taking fast forward playback. Plus, they never miss anything with the instant 7 day rewind feature.

Crystal Clear Ultra HD Interactive Images

Our 4K cameras are ultra high resolution UHD quality featuring over 8 Million pixels all delivered to your screen in the most easy to use, easy to zoom, and easy to save interface. Anyone can appreciate the crisp and stunning detail from the quality of your jobsite cameras.

us relay construction cameras live interactive images in high definition plus crystal clear images road
us relay construction cameras live interactive images in high definition plus crystal clear images sunset
us relay construction cameras live interactive images in high definition plus crystal clear images wide

Optical Zooming in a Digital World

Even though we live in the digital era, having the right zoom is critical to produce ultra high definition jobsite images. At US Relay we’ve been working with cameras featuring optical and digital since 1998. In all those years we’ve learned one important thing – optical zooming, for now, is better than digital zooming. Our cameras range from 12x to 32x optical zoom providing the exact level of visibility to cover any jobsite from almost any camera install location. This results in a NO loss of image quality from zooming in from a far away location.

us relay construction cameras live interactive images in high definition plus optical zoom vs digital zoom 0x zoom
us relay construction cameras live interactive images in high definition plus optical zoom vs digital zoom 12x zoom
us relay construction cameras live interactive images in high definition plus optical zoom vs digital zoom 32x zoom

Ultra HD Panoramic Auto Capture using 4K 360° PTZ Cameras

This amazing tool which requires very little bandwidth reduces service costs, user bandwidth, loads more quickly than others, and is very easy to use. Use the controls at the bottom to control the camera, control the panoramic view, update the image, and even share on social media sites. Fully responsive and widescreen ready, this Point & Zoom player is the ideal solution for job-sites that require or are limited to low internet connectivity. Customizable player options includes initial camera view, resolution, and even limiting the user view in case there are sensitive camera viewing angles.

You won’t find a better, more robust, easier system to install that a US Relay system – We guarantee it!

Jobsite Security and Online Recording

Edge video recording security and monitoring with remote cloud access let’s you catch criminal activity 24/7 without loss of quality or footage. Review your footage anytime from any device.

us relay construction cameras live interactive images in high definition plus at night

Jobsite Security & Monitoring At It’s Best

US Relay offers security video recording to help keep your jobsite safe and crime free in addition to using the footage for showcasing project milestones. The live camera records HD video sending it to our online servers while simultaneously storing a weeks worth of footage locally on the included 8GB’s of internal storage.

You can quickly access your video from any location from any device. Easily watch and set clip start and stop times that automatically email you a link when the footage is ready for downloading. This feature eliminates the need to search through hours of recorded footage.

Product Overview

  • HD 1080p video recording
  • Endless online storage with 7 days of 24/7 of on-board storage
  • Remotely online access to video
  • Pre-configured with NO setup needed

Online Recorded Security Video Sample Clip

No longer are the days of low quality, blurry, low visibility, standard definition security video. With today’s technology, US Relay’s construction cameras capture everything in high definition video utilizing online recording with local recording for redundancy. Jobsites, and those in remote locations, can have very little light. Adding a IR illuminator to your system is an easy and effective way to record your construction site so that nothing will be missed from the cameras view.

us relay construction cameras jobsite security and online recording night screen shot 03

Online Access from the Cloud

As with every security system alive today, you get safe, secure, high definition recording of your jobsite. The key difference that separates US Relay from those traditional security systems is that you access your HD video the US Relay portal or web interface. Easily navigate through you recorded footage by time, date, and choose any specific time for review. Downloading that footage is as easy selecting the start/stop of the time/date and an automatic email will be sent out when the video is ready for downloading.

Video Recording 24/7

Your jobsite camera can record video 24/7 with an on-board redundancy storage for up to 7 days of backup footage. You can rest assure knowing your camera is online and recording from the moment you add power.

No Setup Required

Every US Relay camera client has different project needs which is why we developed our ProBuild camera hardware solution service group. With ProBuild you get more than just a camera from US Relay. Each system piece of our live camera hardware is custom configured, tested, set up, packed up, and post install calibrated to insure quality and networks are optimum. Since ProBuild is included with your US Relay hardware package there are no additional fees.

Camera Hardware Lifetime Warranty

All US Relay Camera Hardware Packages Now Come With A LIFETIME Warranty! Call (866) 883-8717 To Learn More

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The great thing about US Relay is that we are affordable, easy to work with, and always there for you.

Construction Camera Services

The US Relay ProBuild system is the most robust yet affordable construction camera package on the market. The all new IC|HD + offers an exclusive all-inclusive package with interactive images, live jobsite viewing, and panoramic image capture with auto panning. Additional services feature stunning HD online video with audio recording, instant rewind, fast forward playback, that can be bundled in one plug-n-play system or customized as a per-service configuration designed specifically for your project.

Live Camera Viewing

At US Relay our goal is to provide the best live camera viewing experience for all jobsite and construction projects. You can view live images and live video of your jobsite at anytime from anywhere. It’s easy to remotely “check in” and watch deliveries, subcontractors, weather conditions, safety, security, and more.