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Alaska DOT - Wrangell Airport
Alaska DOT Wrangell airport runway expansion
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Alaska DOT Utilizes US Relay IP Video Solutions to Monitor Wrangell Airport Expansion

Wrangell Airport is a public airport located one mile from Wrangell, Alaska, and is used extensively by Alaska Airlines. In 2007, Wrangell Airport began the process of lengthening its 6000-foot main runway. To provide the Alaska Department of Transportation (ADOT) located 200 miles away in Juneau with live, ongoing updates of the construction project, the airport required an IP system for remotely broadcasting video from Wrangell to Juneau. This way, ADOT employees would be able to monitor the project’s environment on their desktop PCs, saving travel time and expense.

The Wrangell Airport solution consists of two Sony® SNC-RZ30 IP Network cameras protected in Dotworkz D2 enclosures equipped with Ring-Of-Fire™ heating systems to prevent the cameras from freezing in climates down to –40°F. Both cameras utilize US Relay eArchive for recording and archiving construction video for later review. The other camera uses US Relay eLiveStream for public viewing. The airport’s wired DSL service exports the video to US Relay’s server farm in San Diego, California. From there the video is rebroadcast onto the DOT’s secure LAN, while simultaneously being archived using eArchive.

Using the system, multiple ADOT employees can now simultaneously view live video of the construction zone at a rate of up to 10 frames-per-second, as well as easily control the pan, tilt and zoom functions on the two cameras. In addition, archived video can be easily accessed on the LAN utilizing time-lapse video.
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"The eLiveStream system is so reliable that I sometimes lose track of it being on, It isn't until a skier or other visitor mentions how much they enjoy watching the video does it sink in what a great tool it is. Being able to control the pan, tilt and zoom functions provides greater freedom to explore our mountain and the many exciting activities we stage year round."

Eric Hoffman, Interactive Marketing Director of Park City Mountain Resort