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Live PTZ Construction Cameras
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Live PTZ Construction Camera Overview

PTZ Construction Cameras
US Relay's PTZ Camera Hardware Package Creates The Largest Jobsite Interactive Images up to 55 megapixels! That's like having seven 4K cameras watching your jobsite. At US Relay, we only need one camera to get that job done right.
The PTZ Construction Camera offers more than a boost to worksite productivity and improved security; it grants the user peace of mind. It features a state-of-the-art PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) camera, housed in a Dotworkz enclosure (Header & Blower D2-HB-MVP Housing – Outdoor Camera Protection System), that offers a 360 degree viewing of the work area, ensuring that the operator can effectively monitor sites from afar to keep track of concerns such as worker productivity, project progress, and material arrival.

Whether it’s live streaming, interactive panoramic images, or timelapse, US Relay has the right tools for monitoring your jobsite.


Live PTZ Construction Camera:
Live PTZ Camera Streaming from LSU


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PTZ Construction Camera KIT Includes
 •  Mobile-Ready: It's designed to move from jobsite to jobsite
 •  Installs in minutes: Just mount and add power
 •  Uses cellular uplink for live monitoring
 •  Cloud based recording
 •  Creates a 55 megapixel interactive image
 •  32x optical zoom

Camera & Housings Specificatoins
 •  Resolution: Full HD at 1920x1080 Pixels
 •  32x Zoom with a complete 360° viewable area
 •  Fluid motion when panning, tilting, and zooming for a better image quality
 •  Operational temperature: -25°F to 140°F (Can be upgraded for -40°F to 167°F)
 •  Powered by standard 110V AC
 •  Camera Hardware Weight is 20lbs
 •  Supports virtually an unlimited number of simultaneous users for Live Streaming
 •  Supports virtually an unlimited number of simultaneous users for Timelapse

Camera Services available for this Hardware Kit
 •  HD Live Streaming
 •  Interative Live Images
(A.K.A.Panoramic Auto Capture)
 •  Timelapse
 •  Fast Forward Playback
 •  Instant Rewind
(Cloud Recording)
 •  Security Monitoring
 •  Local/Remote Recording


LIFETIME Warranty on ALL Construction Camera Hardware Packages

LIFETIME Warranty on ALL Construction Camera Hardware Packages

*Lifetime warranty applies to customers with active service

PTZ Construction Cameras

Live PTZ Construction Camera Contents: Dotworkz D2 Heater Blower IP68 Camera Enclosure, 1080p PTZ Camera, Internal Camera Mount, 8GB SanDisk Internal Storage, Audio Cable, Microphone, 4G LTE Broadband Anywhere Kit, and Pole Mount for Enclosure. *Products shown are subject to change. Orange painted camera enclosure requires a 2-3 week lead time.